December 19, 2021 MSRcast 261: Metal Be My Guide

Join the MSRcast crew for their last episode of 2021, as we test out a new format! You will now get to hear more of our banter between each song! We also discuss upcoming 2022 albums, our experiences at Unto Others and Swallow The Sun concerts, and much more! Keep it metal!

Northtale - Judas Be My Guide - Eternal Flame
Project Roenwolfe - Something More - Edge of Saturn
Malignant Altar - Usurping the Pantheon Crown - Realms of Exquisite Morbidity
Darkest Mind - Oracle Of Death - Oracle Of Death
Temperance - Diamante - Diamante
Star One - Fate Of One - 
Anomalie - Trance V: Cerulean Sun  - Tranceformation
Swallow The Sun - Keep Your Heart Safe From Me - Moonflowers

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